Differences of opinion, misunderstandings, and disputes can happen no matter how well you try to prevent them. Finding yourself stuck in a legal dispute or a stalled business negotiation is not only frustrating but a huge drain on money, time, and energy.


That’s where we can help. Karl and Renée are experienced mediators dedicated to helping parties manage their conflicting energies surrounding a dispute, and creating a safe space in which both parties can work together to craft a solution.





Mediation should be available to everyone and Renée’s rates reflect our commitment to dispute resolution at a fair value.


Renée charges:


  • $400 / half-day mediation


  • $900 / full-day mediation



The mediation rates above are the same no matter how many parties are involved and include support from experienced mediator Karl Bayer at no extra charge.

Karl Bayer has been mediating for over twenty years and has been educated to look at problems from all sides. (It’s that Rice – MIT engineering – UT Law School thing.) His dad was a Methodist minister, his mom was a teacher, and he learned how to get along with two big sisters in East Texas. He has been married over 30 years and has raised twin daughters. For more information on Karl’s mediation practice visit: To learn more about Karl’s mediation, arbitration, and court master practice, visit Karl’s website at


Renée Kolar attributes her problem-solving skills to her father’s influence, an engineer, as well as to her mother’s, a psychology major. She grew up learning to approach a problem from different perspectives and had lots of practice negotiating and mediating disputes with her two sisters. Having lived in France, Spain, and the U.S. Renée also understands the importance of approaching a dispute from different cultural perspectives and conducts mediations in Spanish, English and French.  She mediates personal injury, employment, and family law cases, among others.

How to Schedule

To schedule a mediation with Karl or Renée, please fill out the scheduling calendar above, and Alyson will contact you to confirm the date and details of the mediation.


In order for you to use our calendar easily, it’s important that you understand the difference between what we mean by a “reserved” and a “confirmed” date. It’s also important that you understand the difference between what we mean by”on hold” and “unavailable”.


A “reserved” date is a date that has been temporarily taken off the available calendar and marked either unavailable or on hold on the public calendar.


A “confirmed” date is a date we have set to conduct a specific mediation.


On hold” means we’ve penciled in a date for you, but it’s not set in stone. If you don’t confirm an “on hold” date within a week, we will release it so someone else can have that time.


Alyson understands that confirming a date requires the consent of all parties. However, we work primarily with the party who calls to reserve a date. If you see that a date is on hold, but really want to confirm that date to mediate, you can always ask Alyson to check with the party who has requested that date. Chances are, she can help you finalize your choice.  Please realize, though, that there’s no guarantee that any on hold date will be confirmed for you until you confirm the date yourself.


Unavailable” means for us that a date has been solidly reserved for a party and Karl or Renée’s time and attention are unavailable for anyone else on that date.